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charcuterie program

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Almost everything served at Edmund’s Oast is made from scratch and this includes the expansive charcuterie program. The offerings are focused around whole animal butchery, aka “nose to tail”, which utilizes every single piece of the animal. The truly artisanal fresh and cured charcuterie program features everything from sausages, salamis and pâtés to 18 month aged hams and more.

All butchering is done in house by staff. There are various methods of working with the animals after being broken down to smaller cuts. Some cuts are ground, seasoned and stuffed into casings. Some are simply salted and hung to age. Edmund’s believes in simple old world technique and minimal manipulations, truly desiring to let the quality of the animal speak for itself.

In some applications the kitchen’s outdoor smoker is put to work. The smoker infuses flavor with a variety of woods and smokeable goods including North Carolina apple wood, South Carolina peach tree, oak, hickory and even sometimes other flavor inducing items such as tea and tobacco leaves.

The charcuterie offerings will change daily depending on what is being cured and created.

The Charcuterie Aging Room

All cured products are stored in the cooler at the beginning stages—right off the salt cure or off the smoker. The meats will spend most of their time in this cooler taking on flavors of the room, all while the flavors concentrate by losing their water weight, thereby intensifying their flavor. With time connective tissues within the meats break down, making for tender cured products. Length of time spent in the cooler depends on the cut. Smaller items like loins will be in the space for a short amount of time, while larger cuts like hams are inside for more than a year.

the charcuterie display case

Once the product is finished or almost complete, they will be moved to the display case that is located directly above the Chef’s Counter inside the kitchen. The case is in direct view of the entire restaurant and guests can see the products selected by the kitchen for serving. A variety of different cuts and preparations will be featured in the case at any given time.