Edmund’s Oast | A Brew Pub

Carl Cross


Carl Cross had always been interested in brewing beer, and started when he was just out of high school. It was something he always was interested in. After receiving a degree in Business Management with an emphasis in marketing at Clemson University, he was inspired by an entrepreneur professor to follow his passion. He sold his car, and moved to England where he studied and acquired a degree in British Brewing Technology. After his time in the UK, he moved to Greenville, SC and worked as an intern at Thomas Creek Brewery. He was there five months where he decided to move to Denver, Colorado to work at various breweries. During that stint, he was at Wynkoop Brewery working in cellaring. Carl met someone from Upslope Brewing Co. and relocated to Boulder to work the graveyard shift. He was then recruited by a co-worker to relocate to Vietnam to help open Pasteur Street Brewing Company and was there for eight months. Missing his home, he moved to Charleston, a place he often visited during summer trips to nearby Kiawah Island. He was introduced to Cameron Read, Brewmaster at Edmund’s Oast and was soon hired to join the team at the restaurant as a brewer.