Edmund’s Oast | A Brew Pub

Greg Marks

AM Sous Chef

Greg Marks was born in Madison WI, and raised by a mother who cooked, pickled, and canned just about everything she could from her backyard garden. While he always had an appreciation for cooking, it was not until he became older that he came to understand his culinary passion. In high school, a friend who worked at a local Creole restaurant encouraged him to apply for a kitchen job. Shortly after turning 18, Greg took the job, which soon became the first he really enjoyed. After two years there, he was hired by a local restaurant group and subsequently promoted to Sous Chef at one of their most successful restaurants. Next, he helped the group open a taqueria inspired by those that line the streets of Austin, but after five years with the company, he decided it was time for a change. Again with encouragement from a friend, and due to his growing interest in the flavors and ingredients of the South, he traveled to Charleston. After a week-long visit of exploring, eating, and dropping off resumes, he was offered a job at Slightly North of Broad. He returned a year later in 2008 to work for Frank Lee and Russ Moore. He spent five years there, moving his way up to Sous Chef, learning the importance of working with sustainable ingredients and local farmers along the way. Wanting a new experience, he moved over to Butcher & Bee as Sous Chef in 2013 before going on to run the kitchen at their new concept, The Daily, in 2015. Greg returned to SNOB for a short time prior to joining the culinary team at Edmund’s Oast, where he was promoted to AM Sous Chef in summer 2016.