Edmund’s Oast | A Brew Pub

Reid Henninger

Executive Chef

Reid Henninger was born into the food and beverage industry, rather abruptly, and literally; his mother’s water broke while she was preparing a large batch of tortellini salad for a wedding. A Baltimore, Maryland native, his parents owned and operated a small tavern called Henninger’s Ale House. Though they have long since sold the Fells Point location, the landmark spot still bears their name 30 years later. Upon graduating from high school, Reid left Baltimore to the sunnier skies of the south to go to school at the College of Charleston, where he studied painting and sculpture.

Reid soon found that the world of kitchens and restaurant life was much more inviting than that of the art world. He first started off at the Kickin’ Chicken, wrestling deep fryers and wings by the truckload. When school was done he left to travel, hitting Spain and Europe, and then coming back to cross the US several times. He then settled in Baltimore for a bit, helping his mom open a small cafe and catering operation. After bouncing around kitchens in Baltimore, he quickly realized he had left a culinary revolution stewing in the South, and landed in the Big Easy, doing a short stint at Coquette New Orleans before returning to Charleston.

Reid came to Edmund’s in December 2014, working under Andy Henderson before taking the reins in September 2015. When not behind the stove, he can usually be found fishing or patronizing beaches with his dog, Dave.