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Welcome to our very straightforward wine club.

We live in an era of too many choices so we aim to take the stress out of this one.

A wine club is a great option if you are looking to learn a bit more about wine and don’t have time to spend perusing the shelves in our shop or attending tastings. (Or if you live outside of Charleston in a wine desert!) Plus, wine club members receive 15% off all wine all the time, which makes everyone happy!

We focus on small, family producers who farm at least sustainably if not organically! And we give the back story on all the wines along with detailed pairing ideas! There's no time commitment so you can sign up for just a month (or two) to check it out or gift a few months to your bestie!

We also allow some customization; if you prefer all white or red that's not a problem! The bottom line is that we aim to please and want to give you the best wine club experience possible 🙂


Think of this less as a club and more as a relationship

With our first two options, we keep the average bottle price at $20. This allows us to sometimes throw in a few more value-oriented wines alongside a bottle that is closer to $30.

We curate the bottles to go with seasonal cooking and even offer pairing suggestions. We also take into consideration special times of the year when a bottle of bubbly might be in order

Think of this less as a club and more as a relationship. We want you to love what you drink from us!

Ready To Get Started?

Click on an option to Subscribe to the Club. Your credit card will be billed each month on the date that your first subscribed. Orders will be ready for pick up on the first of each month.