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Arianna Occhipinti : Queen of Sicilian Wine

Arianna Occhipinti : Queen of Sicilian Wine

We are always thrilled when our Occhipinti allocation arrives as these unicorns from Vittoria, Sicily  become harder and harder to come by. The quantities are tiny so please email [email protected] if you would like to reserve any before they disappear!

And if you are not familiar with Arianna’s story here you go…

Arianna started at age 16 in her uncle Giusto Occhipinti’s cellar,  the proprietor of Vittoria’s most famous winery, COS, and loved it! She went on to oenology school and jumped right into her own production. She began with a mere one hectare of abandoned vines attached to a family vacation house. Though university imparted technical knowledge of a sort, the main influence on her ways in vineyard and cellar was in fact her uncle, who raised his wines as well as his niece on organic viticulture, harvest by hand and native-yeast fermentations. Arianna naturally pursued this approach herself as she wanted  to express the freshness of the Vittorian microclimate, the minerality of the soils, and the purity of the best local grape varieties.

Our allocation:

Occhipinti “SP68” Bianco 2021$35

Blend of Zibibbo (Muscat of Alexandria) &  Albanello

(floral but with intense minerality)

Occhipinti “SP68” Rosso 2021 $35

Blend of Frappato and Nero d’Avola

(fresh, chillable, earthy red)

Occhipinti “Il Frappato” 2020 $50

(Frappato showing that it can rival Pinot Noir in its elegance!)

Occhipinti “Siccagno” Nero d’Avola 2019 $51

Average vine age – over 30 years! 

(Complex, dark fruited, but still that FRESHNESS!)