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Willi Schaefer Dry Riesling

Willi Schaefer Dry Riesling

Willi Schaefer Graacher Riesling Trocken 2021 $36

Whenever we have Willi Schaefer on the shelf, it’s a cause for celebration! The Schaefer wines are hard to come by but absurdly reasonably priced – that’s a funny combination that you don’t find often in the wine world! But we are not complaining 🙂 It’s seriously been way too long since we’ve had their dry Riesling in stock – come grab yours before we buy it all for ourselves! And here’s the full Schaefer story from their importer:

“If you’re new to all this, there’s a reason these wines are so beloved. Part of it is they’re so scarce; the estate is all of 4.2 hectares with no desire to grow. Part of is the wines themselves; they’re silly delicious. You cannot be unhappy drinking these perfect ur-Mosel Rieslings.  And as crystalline as they are, as ethereally complex and limpidly clear, they have a quality of calm; they don’t fuss at you with how amazing they are. Since 2015, Christoph Schaefer and his wife Andrea run this storied family winery in Graach, the pair met while studying enology at Geisenheim. Their winemaking philosophy is not much different than that of Christoph’s father or grandfather. The focus is not on numbers or analytics, but on how the grapes taste. From harvesting each plot to the fermentations with natural yeast, all the way through bottling, everything is done by taste and feel.”

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