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Kelley Fox Wines: Natural Oregon


We are beyond excited to have Kelley Fox wines back in our market. Kelley cut her winemaking teeth at Eyrie Vineyards and began her own winery with her father in 2007. 

In her own words: “The wines are made to reflect the land, the vines, the fruit of the vines, the year, and everything else unknown and unseen that comes with those things. They are Oregon wines, and hopefully, they are wines specifically of their vineyards. That said, the wines are not really “made” at all.  I have no end result in mind each year for what the wines will be. I am not Pygmalion. What I am doing-and it still takes a lot of inner and outer work- is responding to the essence of the fruit from each block, which I hope is carrying the essence of the earth that bore it, along with the details of the year ( the weather, the stars and the planets, etc. etc.).”

This quote could hardly be more relevant than for the 2020 vintage when Kelley had to make the difficult decision to not make any red wine due to the wildfires and damage to her red grapes. Thankfully, we are at least blessed with her insanely beautiful single vineyard Pinot Blanc and her skin contact Nerthus made from old vine Early Muscat (that’s a grape) and Pinot Gris. Stop by to grab your bottle or enjoy one on the patio!

Email [email protected] to reserve yours!