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Sylvain Pataille Burgundy

Sylvain Pataille Burgundy

Check out our allocation  from one of  our fave northern Burgundy producers – Sylvain Pataille!

Pataille grew up in Marsannay, but his family had long since sold off even their tiny plot of vines.  So he built this domaine himself.  His first vintage was 1999 when he was still working as an oenologist in a Beaune lab.  But he says he was meant to work in the vines! He focuses entirely on Marsannay as thinks of  this as his home and what he knows best! He has a special place in his heart for Aligoté (the other white grape of Burgundy), and we encourage you to at least grab a bottle of this if nothing else! Email [email protected] to reserve yours!

This year’s allocation:

Sylvain Pataille Bourgogne Aligoté 2019 $34

(vines average 50 years in age)

Sylvain Pataille Bourgogne Rouge 2018 $39

Pinot vines that are nearly 70 years old!)

Sylvain Pataille Marsannay Clos du Roy 2018 $81

(a very special site aka lieu-dit for world class, cellar worthy Pinot Noir)

(very limited!)